Pre-Installation Checklist


1 Week Prior Installation

  • Painting – all painting should be completed and cured to reduce damage during installation.
  • Skirting boards – should be painted to the subfloor to prevent exposure when flooring is replaced.
  • Door clearances – check if doors must be cut or planed to clear new flooring height.
  • Wiring and pipes – please advise where wiring, gas and water pipes are located to avoid damage during installation.  All wiring must be laid according to the Australian Safety Standards by a qualified technician.
  • Underfloor heating – advise us if you have underfloor heating to ensure correct underlay is used.


1 Day Prior Installation

  • Access – arrange parking, access and lifts for day of installation
  • Subfloors – ensure all debris is removed and subfloor is vacuumed ready for installation.
  • Existing Carpet – existing carpet must be vacuumed prior to take up and removal by our installers.
  • Organise for professional movers to move Grand Pianos and Billiard Tables
  • Furniture – areas must be cleared of furniture unless previously arranged to be moved by our installers.
  • All furniture must be emptied of all contents.
  • Beds must be stripped if they require removing from the room.
  • Remove all breakables, antiques and valuables from installation areas.
  • Disconnect all electrical devices (e.g. TV, stereo system, computers etc).
  • You will need to direct our installers when returning furniture.
  • Our installers are not responsible to move furniture up or down stairs.


Installation Day

  • Electricity – needs to be available on site.
  • Parking & Access – close parking is necessary in addition to safe entry to carry materials.
  • Clear Areas – installation area must be clear of other tradesmen, children and animals to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Fire & Security Alarms  – smoke detectors must be isolated
  • Underfloor heating – ensure heating is disconnected and reconnected after installation by a qualified electrician.